Digital Freelancer in Agadir; Morocco- AymanBGT
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Welcome to my online résumé


In this section you can find the skills I am working on.

My finest skills

Web Design

Using WordPress most beautifully designed Themes such as Divi, Bridge and more, with the help of latest plugins and my creativity I can design a stunning website for your business. Just like mine AymanBGT

Web Development

As I am still studying to become a full stack developer (Front and Back). I am still an amateur developer of the web. Currently mastering some Front-End Technologies and learning PHP, Python and more.

Digital Marketing

I noticed Digital Marketing and the way its shaping us. Social Media Management, Content Creation, Blogging, Competition Analysis, AdWords Campaigns and more, are a couple of the sides I learned and currently practicing and developing.

IT / Consulting

As an IT / Admin support, my job is to help you do your job in an easier way by coding scripts and providing simpler ways to do an assignment. I also help in setting up in new systems, test software and enhance the technology you are using in your business.

In this section you can find client’s opinions about me.

Clients’ words

Why hire me ?

Been freelancing since 2015. We can say that I am an Amateur !

Get Creative with Details

Being Creative and Details are what matters in a task. I am the type of person that takes cares of the smallest details possible while doing it in a creative way.

Best Freelancer Around

Not to brag or anything, but I am told to be one of the top Digital World Freelancers in my area. Providing top of the line quality work and the satisfaction of my client are  my ultimate goals.

Why Deadlines ?

Well lets be honest, we all hate deadlines. At least I do respect the deadlines of my clients and submit the completed and  reviewed job on the time agreed on

Surf Maroc
Example of What I have worked on:

Surf Maroc in Taghazout, Morocco (Summer 2k17)

How about the best company to work for. Surf Maroc was a true amazing opportunity to meet amazing and inspiring people, also to get more full insight of the travel business and special the marketing side of it. My main task was setting up the booking system, debugging it and improving it. I was also the right hand of the Marketing Manager and we worked on some new strategies for SM.

Here is my favorite client

The Beautiful Hajar Ora (2015-Now):

I meet Hajar during our graduation year, we hit it off as soon as we met. We started meeting with photographer for photo-shoots, Content brain-storming, Website Updates, Social Media Growth Hacks and more. We have been working ever since on her blog and social appearance in the field of fashion and blogging around Morocco. Now working in collabs with other brand ambassadors from different regions of Morocco and the World.

I recommend checking out her blog or IG.

The beautiful Hajar Ora in Taghazout
Sans titre-1
Developing my Personal Brand:

AymanBGT Brand Development:

After being inspired by one of my mentors, I decided to start my own personal brand. I started with developing the website for like 2 weeks than started learning basics of Photoshop to get more skills on my portfolio and I ended up designing my own Logo and my own Business Card. This was the start of AymanBGT !

Need a freelancer ?

Hire me for your project

If you are looking for someone who is open to new cultures and meeting dope people. I am your man !

I am always available for new project to take on and I ain’t scared of getting my hands dirty.

All you have to do is shoot me an email with as much information on what you need exactly, I will let you know whats up.

Currently Available for New  Freelance Opportunities

Check out my social media accounts. Email me or Call if you have a project in Mind.

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Cookin’ In Agadir, Morocco.


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